T-Shirts to Crete

One of my outlets for creative spew is Cafe Press.

Cafe Press is a create on demand service for everything from t-shirts to wall clocks. It’s free at a less functional level but only $7 a month for full functionality and ability to offer all products. My store is The Mall at Plossville and like any good mall it is not actually in Plossville but on the internet fringes of Plossville. I have been putting things up for two years.

One of the nice things about the internet is that it is, for the most part, just hanging out there in a global sense. In it’s simplest definition, available to all (assuming certain governmental, infrastructural and technological requirements have been met).

I can still remember sitting in the two person office in 1995 over The Wilton Bank being told that the website we were building was already being viewed by people in Germany and Taiwan. Pretty awesome exposure for a new web graphics person.

So this week when I was in my Cafe Press account looking at sales I see that this month alone I have sold stuff to Crete, Switzerland and Tasmania. Pretty cool stuff I think. Some where on the island of Tasmania there is someone with a tshirt featuring a cartoon shark with a diver half in it’s mouth with the words plossville.com written on it. That’s really cool

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