Holy Mackerel! In Wilton

This is the front cover of Holy Mackerel

This is the front cover of Holy Mackerel

I stopped by The Wilton Open Book Store last week to see how sales for my books were going. Open book has been very supportive of my efforts and I urge you to support them by stopping by there first before you head to a chain.

They have a couple copies left of my new book, Holy Mackerel.

They also have the other four in stock now as well if you need to get caught up.

For those of you who have kids in Miller/Driscoll you can always send them to school and I will sign them for you.

I am currently working on number six.

Stay tuned.

I also realized that it has been a while since I put any new coloring sheets up so now there are two new ones at http://www.plossville.com/freestuff.

See you in the halls.


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