What Happened to Mr. Skip

For those of you students and parents of students that I do or have worked with, here’s the story.

Friday night, after watching the Warriors loose another game, but what a half-time show, we went home. I woke up at about 4am shaking and teeth chattering from being cold. I also had a pain in my side. Not a bad pain but an ache, almost like I had strained a muscle or something.

I added a blanket to the bed and rolled over and went back to sleep.

When I woke up at about 9:30am I felt like I had a low grade fever and the ache was still there. More than that however was the feeling that something was not right.

After trying to ignore it and taking Advil I finally, at Laura’s “urging” went to my doctor’s walk-in hours. The prognosis was that it might be nothing but…that is where the appendix is and if it is the appendix you don’t want to mess with it. So I drove home, changed clothes and headed for the ER to get a CAT-Scan.

At about 6pm the nurse brought be the stuff you need to drink before having a CAT-Scan and at 9:30 I headed up for the scan.

At about 10:30 the ER doctor came in to say that it was the appendix and it didn’t look right. The surgeon would be down in a bit to confirm.

At 11:30 the ER doctor came back in to say that the surgeon was in the middle of an emergency surgery but that he had confirmed appendicitis and was going to have to go in old school which is full open-you-up surgery.

At about midnight they took me up to 6 West the surgery floor and got me into a private room. My nurse was a really nice guy named Michael. He helped me get into bed and I went to sleep. At about 1:30 Laura and Sarah came down to see me before the operation and then I went back to sleep.

At about 3:30am Michael came in to say that they were on the way to take me to surgery and I was wheeled down to the surgery room. They gave me a mask to breathe through and a really warm blanket and the next thing I remember a blond nurse was offering me ice chips because I was done and in the recovery room.

They took me back up to my room at about 6:45 and I dozed until Laura came in around 7am. I had exercises to do. I had to breathe in really hard to make sure my lungs were ok and I had to walk. I did get to draw though. I drew a picture for Michael to take home to his son (it was a cow) and I drew my fish on the nurses station whiteboard on Sunday and my Bear in Underwear on Monday before I left.

I stayed in the hospital until Monday morning. I had visits from my wife and daughter (Laura and Sarah), from my sister and brother-in-law, my minister and another Sarah who is a good friend and always helps me in theater.

Now at home, I walk around the house, I use different chairs so That I am not in one position too long and I sleep in my own bed or my recliner.

I should be back at school on Monday October 12th and am looking forward to seeing my friends in the halls at Miller/Driscoll and on stage at Middlebrook.

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