March Update

This is our 100th post! Our first one is here from February 12th 2007.

Busy winter here at Plossville.

Sarah got in to The Music Man at Wilton High School and Laura has been busy busy busy with BKFK (By Kids for Kids). All of this busy busy business prompted me to pull out of Directing Inherit the Wind in Darien.

On the Children’s Theater front it looks like things are shaping up for the fall although it is not official yet so we can’t discuss it. Suffice it to say that if and when it becomes official, I will need guys this fall so spread the word.

On the book front the Gropius book is finally moving forward now that I have arrived at a look that I am happy with. I am using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to achieve what I want and I am excited about getting it done. I am targeting a late April release date.

Be sure to join Plossville on Facebook and Twitter. Although I am not a huge Tweeter I do plan to do things like tweet where I am having coffee and offer to sign books purchased or to draw pictures etc. There may be some give-a-ways too, we’ll see.

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