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If Picasso Were a Fish 2006 If I Had a Gift 2006 Abstracts: minimalist scribblings 2006 Abstracts 2: more minimalist scribblings 2007 Holy Mackerel 2008

WCT Fall Show Announced!

This fall's Wilton Children's Theater Production is going to be Disney's Camp Rock!

The play is based mostly on the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock 2 in which two camps compete in a "Sing Off".

It's going to be great fun.

For more information on registration and schedules see the WCT website at;

A rhino in Winter


New Book Released!

Skip has released his latest book for kids of all ages. It's titled "I Have Two Bunnies" and is a playful and lighthanded look at the difference between "bunny" and "Bunny".

It is available on Amazon for $7.99 USD.

Walter's House

Other Locations for Skip's Output.

The Poemasabi family of websites.
These sites are where Skip experiments with poetry. It is also where he has enabled 1st and 2nd grade authors to publish their work.

Other Sites:

  • Modisabi: Modern architecture and preservation.


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Quotes about the books.

If Picasso Were a Fish.
"Truly brilliant work!" I will be getting this one for my own children. I could not think of a better way to set a child's imagination into flight! A brilliant piece.
Jamie Townsend Author

If I Had a Gift
"A Positive Message in a Funny Package" I recently read this story to my daycare class and found the children to be quite responsive to both the artwork and the message hidden within. A nice idea well executed!
Mike Lawrence Author/Illustrator

"Abstracts: Minimalist Scribblings shows children of all ages how simple lines can illustrate intriguing ideas. What a gem of a book!”
Anna Kichorowsky Manager of Family & Community Programs Austin Museum of Art-Downtown

Tuna in 'Chovies

This is a sketch for a painting, "Tuna in 'chovies" . The actual painting was done on a ceiling tile and hangs in the afterschool room at The Daycare Center of New Canaan.